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Fusion & Freshness is our business

Hygge Restaurant and Bar is located in one of the most legendary and breath-taking locations in the south of Iceland, where the inspiration for writing the prominent" Njal´s Saga", the most popular Icelandic book, was taken.  We have an amazing view, overlooking the mountains and the typical Icelandic green fields, where you can enjoy the best local products you can get in the area, in a fusion that combines the tradition with the modern in the most exceptional way. After having a memorable meal at our restaurant, you can and stroll around and explore  our facilities that include a beautiful golf course, fishing lake, and river surrounded by stunning glaciers, spectacular mountains  and view on Vestmannaeyjar, the archipelago of Iceland' s south coast. Hence, you can expect a truly typical Icelandic holiday country area.  Our menu can change according to the fresh products we can get in the day.

Most of our dishes are gluten-free and there is an  option of making them dairy free. Additionally, our restaurant is vegan and vegetarian friendly. Last but not least, our ultimate mission is to provide healthy, tasty, beautifully-looking,  and high-quality meals at a fair price.
Jorge Munoz - Manager

Jorge was born in Colombia, in a small town, in the Colombian coffee mountains.  At a very young and  with his  bag not only full of necessary travel items, but also  of  big dreams he came to Europe and started cooking  in the south of Spain where he gained valuable experience, learned about different cultures and  about people and what they enjoy. After that he worked as a chef at all levels around the world,  getting taste of multinational companies, luxury cruise ships, resorts and Michelin star awarded restaurants:

"I must admit that when I came to Iceland  I was surprised to see horse meat on the menus. Few days passed and I finally took all my courage and decided to give the Icelandic speciality dish a try.  To my surprise, I was impressed- it was simply delicious. I truly think our horse steak is one of the best in Iceland, which is also widely-known in the world as, for instance, the free range lamb and the delicate fish grown in local Cristal clear waters".

 We are proud to say that our kitchen team is made up of  highly-passionate, work-oriented, and driven people who are  motivated to deliver the best service and are experienced and keen on working with all the  the Icelandic products available to us. Naturally, we are ardent to  make your experience of  Iceland as best as possible.

Thank you very much for visiting our website.


hellisholar 861, Hvolsvollur  Iceland   |  +354 772 2247

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